I have always felt creative and have had a strong desire to express myself. It all started when I was probably around 10 and a started my very first journal. It was a combination of writing stories, glueing in clippings and making collages, rough sketches and ideas that I threw together in hope of expressing everything that was going on in my mind. Then when I got my very own laptop at 13 years old I started my first blog, got into Tumblr and have since expanded to most streams of social media; Youtube, lnstagram and everything else since then. 

My love for writing and being able to express myself with photography/ modelling makes social media the ideal platform for me to share my creativity with the world. I love producing content for myself and others and have developed so many amazing relationships with other like minded creatives via social media in this industry, for me it doesn't feel like work - its a hobby, that I love. 


Since starting it all out as a hobby I have now worked with over 20 well known brands/ companies on a worldwide scale. I still feel shocked that this "thing" that started out as a hobby, just for a bit of fun, expressing myself and sharing with my friends has lead to so many opportunities. Thanks to social media I have been signed and am able to finally pursue modelling - which is something I have really wanted to do since I was little. 

Social media is such an amazing tool and in the future I hope to take my work to the next level and eventually start my own business/ brand. I have so many ideas on what I would like to do and have already started planning a few things - definitely watch this space. But for the meantime please enjoy my day-to-day creativeness that I will be sharing with you directly from this site.