"Comuna Cantina"

I was ecstatic when I realised the refurbishment of pacific fair meant brand new foodie places! The one especially caught my eye was a latin inspired restaurant that has recently opened up called “Comuna Cantina” their dishes are very similar to Mexican, however with a bit of a latin twist.


The kitchen and bar are visible in an open air setting next to the main restaurant seating area. Big high top tables and a selection of smaller more intimate tables are organised in a semi circle ring around the bar under a canopy of fairy lights and greenery. Ordering is usually at the main counter - making it ideal for big groups who want to pay for their own meal as you don't have the issue of trying to split the bill at the end! One of the most impressive aspects of the menu was that in each section there was always a gluten free/ vegan/ vegetarian/ dairy free option. Which is quite rare as usually there is only one or two options for those with dietary requirements.

I was overwhelmed with choice as it all sounded good! I ended up going with the abundance bowl as well as ordering a veggie taco. We ordered a selection of tacos, burgers and salad bowls, as well as their signature chips tasting board and jugs of white sangria were flowing throughout the sitting. The food was all packed with flavour and the dish that blew us all away was was the abundance bowl.


Mouth watering flavours of squeezed lime and paprika- sprinkled avocado as well as their signature dressing made this dish super yummy and packed with flavour, still achieving that clean and fresh experience that I was expecting from a salad. The addition of quinoa and black beans really left us full and satisfied. Even the kale was delicious and you know its a good sign when the boys agree (in my experience, not a usual response for kale!) This dish has really perfected the flavouring and ingredient combination.

Prices are reasonable and the burgers and salad bowls are great value if you’re hungry and wanting a decent feed. I imagine that it would be a great place to go after a long day shopping or as a pre dinner and cocktails before hitting up one of the new groovy bars in Broadbeach. I will definitely be going back for an abundance bowl when Im back on the coast.