Poké Bowls

Kind of like sushi, kind of like a salad - so lets just meet somewhere in the middle. Sounds random I know but If you haven't already tired one - you're missing out.  As soon as I realised there was a Poke bowl place at the end of my street in South Yarra I was hooked. I've limited myself to having it every second day in fear that I will get over it too quickly. Now that I have expressed my deep love for these delicious bowls of goodness, let me break it down for you. 


What EXACTLY is it?

Well it depends on what you're feeling like on the day! You start off by choosing a base of rice or greens and then decide on the protein; tofu, chicken, salmon etc and go from there.

The toppings are all set out in seperate glass jars and flavoured like you've never experienced them before. For example; I got cucumber, ginger, kim chi, avocado, edamame, zucchini noodles and quinoa and let me tell you, not one of the topping options was bland by any means. 

You could get one topping and the flavour would blow your socks off. 

In addition to that you get to choose a sauce and garnishing, I usually go with citrus sauce or a sirracha soy sauce and get sesame seeds or wasabi. I like it SPICY.  The sauces themselves pack a punch so try not to over do it as you'll miss the sweet sweet flavours of your toppings. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.38.03 pm.png


The first time I got my boyfriend, Chris, a poke bowl he wasn't that impressed, but being pretty open and willing to give them a second go we went again and he chose his own toppings - and, ended up really enjoying it! One of my other guy friends however described them as a confusing waste of time,  so if you're expecting a hot rice dish e.g. a sushi "don" then you're definitely in for a shock. Guys, be open minded, try different flavours, but if your a fussy pants don't get the edamame beans or as chris likes to call them, weird flavourless peas.

Im a sucker for quick healthy eats - which is why I love Poké bowls so much. They're fresh, fast and fcking delicious. 

As far as I'm aware they've mainly popped up in Melbourne and Sydney. No need to fret gold coast, like most popular foodie trends you'll have it on the rise very soon!