SURVIVAL GUIDE: 3 day Festivals

How to: Prepare for a three day festival 

Mental, Physical and of course Apparel.

This year, at the end of July I am finally biting the bullet and committing to three full days filled with glitter, mud and grooving. Splendour in the grass 2017 - I am ready for you. 

To be completely honest with you guys I was a bit intimidated by the thought of a three day festival once I realised what I had gotten myself into. I mean, thank goodness I'm not camping - but still.... three days is a pretty decent amount of time to be dancing around in a paddock, so I decided the only way I would get through it is by doing it right - which included planning, a lot of planning.

Step 1 - Girl Gang

- Tip #1 for surviving a festival is ALWAYS have a support crew

- How to choose your crew:  if you enjoy going out with them on a night out & still love seeing them when you're hungover you will have an epic crew - but choose wisely as by day 3 you will be borderline crazy and you crew is the only thing between you and a mental breakdown. 

- Also, in my personal opinion - choose people with similar taste in music, nothing worse then feeling like your missing out on your fav acts cause your friends have no idea who they are.

Step 2 - Outfit co-ordination

- Any festival lover knows one of the best parts of the whole festival is getting dressed up into something absolutely ridiculous and equally fabulous that you just would not wear on any regular day. 

- If in doubt; sparkles, mesh and tassels always go down well - even together if you're really funky.

Step 3 - Hygiene, Hydrate and Hibernation

- Plan ahead - where you will sleep, bathe and of course be able to find water... Trust me you will be needing it

- Hygiene and hydration are probably the most essential things to surviving a three day festival. Without water your migraine will be hurting that bad that you'll probably rather sit out then go see your fav artist tear up the stage. 

- Without hygiene your friends will probably leave you as no one wants to be dancing with a garbage bin. 

Step 4 - Recharge

- This includes charging your phone (duh - how else will you document the entire thing for snapchat), getting fuel - food, coffee, water and sleep; which I don't really need to explain - basic human survival needs.

Step 5 - The fun stuff

Plan ahead on what you're going to be drinking and try to stick to it for pres & inside the festival. Remember mixing drinks and jumping up and down is literately the worst combo ever, just don't do it. Pick something you can handle drinking all day/ night and that isn't going to give you the worlds worst hangover (this means champagne and cheap wine are out - sorry gals). 

Step 6 - not vital but a handy trick to remember

Wear in your shoes before you go. - blisters & 3 days of dancing is not ideal.



See you in the field, disco dancers xx