Blogger brunch @ House of Lulu White


Location: House of Lulu White - South Yarra


I need to start off by saying; BEST SWEET POTATO FRIES - EVER. I kid you not, I have thought about these bad boys ever since I took my first bite when I was kindly invited to breakfast at Lulu house of white. 


Yes I said breakfast... yes I said fries. 


I don't usually order fries with my breakfast but I happened to be really craving them that day. I felt it was socially acceptable in Lulu white be ordering them regardless if for most people it was considered a ridiculous hour of the morning to be consuming fries. The waitress who took our order didn't even flinch when I added a side of fries to my Acai granola bowl (which by the way was 99% granola 1% acai FYI) which I now suspect is because she knew how epic they are. 

I also treated myself to a strawberry, mint iced tea and Chris got the southern fried chicken waffles and a coffee and stole a few of my fries.


Since we went in pretty early my brain was still waking up and I tricked myself into getting the granola... I saw the word acai and assumed it was a standard bowl of smoothie with acai on the top. However once the meal came out I realised I had completely missed the whole point of the dish as it was a granola bowl with an acai drizzle. At first I was confused but ended up liking it as it was something I wouldn't usually order so it was nice to have something different.

Chris rated the coffee and he said his meal was "interesting... in a good way."

So overall it was a really nice treat, and I mean who doesn't like a free breakfast? But we both came to the conclusion that we would go back again to try out some of the other menu options. 

Do yourselves a favour, if you're ever in South Yarra get your butt into Lulu house of white and go and get those finger licking sweet potato fries. 

A xx