Since the beginning of this year I have been back and forth between Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, and as exciting as it is to work in different states being able to travel for work and travelling are two completely different things. I have so many people telling me I'm so lucky I get to spend most of my weekends away but the truth is that majority of the time I am away I am working.

A travel day for a model insists of early wake ups (before the sun, of course) straight to the airport then arriving in a different state before you would have usually rolled out of bed on any other morning. Then by the time you are into hair and makeup you've already been up for at least 5 hours but thats just the start of your working day. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change anything about my job but its a lot less glamours then it looks and takes a lot more strength and willpower then it seems.



SWM by lioness @sjperkins

Be best case scenario can be once you get to hair and make up you are able to have something to eat and perhaps you can have a coffee as well, cause lets face it you're still tired AF, but sometimes the schedule is way too tight to wait around or organise anything other then getting yourself ready as quickly as possible to get the most shooting time. I always pack snacks and try to organise myself so that I don't ever get stuck because although I can still work well when tired AND hungry... its just a really unpleasant situation feeling tired and hungry and then having to work and be your best for the job. Sometimes you don't get a break until midday or early afternoon when you get a catered lunch or time to grab something to eat but sometimes you don't even get time and have to munch on stuff in between outfits. This is uncommon, but some companies are on tight schedules and budgets and want to make the most of their time with you.

Then of course once the day is wrapped up you're back off to the airport and back home at a reasonably late hour after a full day of work, and although you've been travelling the most that you've seen of this new city is it’s airport, the studio you worked in all day and the few streets you passed in the uber on the way.

Of course its an amazing opportunity to meet with different creatives and work with new people doing what you all love, but lets not sugar coat it - this industry is professional and demanding and when were working we are at work, not off sightseeing and getting a few snaps along the way.

Again, Im not complaining - I love it and wouldn't change it, but its important to share the reality of the job. Its not all glitz and glamour and getting your hair and makeup done everyday for a vacation. Its a job and it takes will power and a fair bit of caffeine to get through a day of shooting.