A morning on the water with “Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay”

This morning Chris and I ventured off to go Kayaking with the Crew from Go Sea Kayaking Byron Bay for a few hours of sun, sea creatures and lots of splashing!

Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay

We choose to do the less popular (but by no means less amazing) which was the Brunswick heads river tour. I fell in love with this place as soon as I saw it. The crystal clear water surrounded by greenery and calm vibe really set the scene for a relaxing morning on the water. The good thing about the river tour is that it is away from the harsh beach winds and there is so many different pathways you can take… for example gliding over clear blue water one second to be navigating your way through the mangroves with beautiful canopies of trees and vines protecting you from the direct sunlight.

Our tour guides were extremely lovely guys and made sure everyone was safe, comfortable and entertained for the entire trip - which was impressive as our group had a fair amount of children kayaking on their own. They also made an effort to talk to each and every one of us. Another impressive part of the tour was that when we stopped for a drink/ snack break they provided us with fresh fruit and healthy snacks - definitely didn’t spare an expense as we had more then enough blueberries, strawberries, bananas etc which was a pleasant touch.

Halfway through we parked our kayaks and walked through the shrub and popped out at this private and untouched section of the beach where there were horses playing in the ocean. Quite a rare sight to see! And our guides tried to find whales in the ocean to point out to us! 

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The river tour is so underrated and is a must see for families and beginners/ not so experienced kayakers. It really exceeded my expectations, and I personally would love to go back again and bring my family and younger sisters along. The location was stunning and considering its only a quick 20 minute drive from Byron it is quieter and quite untouched. Its the perfect morning activity for all ages and is such a great way to spend time in nature, whilst being active and enjoying the sun. 

Check out my VLOG from the day to see for yourself how amazing the location and experience was!


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