5 Easy steps to get you followers and impressions on your social media accounts

Since the start of this year my social media has increased by over double my following and the same question I get asked all the time is how did it happen. I've decided to write this blog post and share some tips with social media influencing as It is my most asked question on instagram from you guys at the moment. A lot of you have been messaging me asking how to start as you may be interested in doing it yourselves or just curious to see how it achievable these days.

We are living in a very digital world right now which is great for aspiring social media influencers and bloggers as these days as you’re able to communicate with other creatives and promote yourself online at any time of the day. I feel social media is an amazing tool and can be a powerful advantage when used correctly. 


TIP #1 - Theme

Always make sure that you are promoting yourself to the world through your social channels in a way that is beneficial to your image while still being authentic to who you are. Its easy to copy other peoples style and vibe and whilst jumping on a current trends bandwagon may give you a short term attention boost - in the long term it will not be a true reflection of yourself and your skills. 

TIP #2 - Saying “yes”

Say yes to as many opportunities that come your way (as long as you are comfortable with it). Try things that you haven't done before and put yourself out there. When you’re starting out you will need to do afair bit of unpaid work to build up your skillset and following. Unfortunately it is a crucial part that all internet bloggers and creatives have to go through before we are able to charge for our services - but it is crucial to your experience and will sharpen your skillset and improve your work.

TIP #3 - Effort

Your social media isn't going to grow itself and definitely isn't going to go viral overnight (unless you're Justin Bieber’s next girlfriend). You need to put in work to build your social account, which takes time and effort. The best way to keep on top of it all is by setting a time or day to plan out your blog posts/ instagram pictures/ youtube videos etc and then stick to it. Keep up with posting and keep creating new work so that you don't run out of content to post. 

TIP #4 - Collaborations

Collaborations and jobs aren’t always going to fall in your lap so don't be afraid to contact companies and clients yourself. If you see a brand you really want to work with get in contact with them and let them know what you can offer. Putting yourself out there may be scary at first but it will let other creatives know you're passionate and professional about your work and they will take you seriously when you are professional about it. Be genuine about it through, if your only motive is “free stuff” companies can smell that from a mile away and chances are they wont want to work with you. If you're honest and passionate about blogging and photography and want to collaborate your unique skills with their brand you’ll find that most people will want to work with you too. 

TIP #5 - Self Value

Knowing what you’re worth is very important as unfortunately companies have been taking advantage of instagram bloggers who are starting out. Any company that expects you to advertise their brand without payment or providing products is a classic example of taking advantage of an inexperienced blogger. Or companies expecting posting and after x amount of sales you will receive a product are also advantage takers. Figure out what you are happy with settling on, wether its a set fee of “x” per post or if you expect “x” amount of products per post and stick to it. Saying no is also more powerful then saying yes to everything, and once again - only promote products or endorsements that are cohesive with your image and vibe otherwise your followers will start to get annoyed and feel as if you're a sell out. 

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