So as some of you may or may not know, this month I am on a major health re-set. I explained a little about what exactly it was I was doing on my youtube challenge but to give you a brief re-cap part of my heath re-set includes removing coffee, alcohol, processed foods, grains, dairy and refined sugar from my diet. In order to stay on top of things and being aware of what I am putting in my body I’ve been cooking and eating most meals at home to make sure I’m eating as clean as possible. In the scope of foods that I am eating I have not given myself too many restrictions or limitations - instead I have just been consciously feeding my body with foods that will fuel it and give me enough energy to get my work done, workout and be my happy pleasant self (no one likes a hungry/grumpy roommate).  

I have tried so many different diets and in terms of health I honestly don't believe in being restrictive or short term diets if you’re overall health goals are to improve health, fitness, loose weight and maintain being that way after the “diet is up.” 

Heres the run down in my opinion why diets don’t work.

  1. they’re restrictive to most peoples lifestyle - which either means people set themselves up to fail and then feel guilty about it OR they commit to the diet 100% for the few weeks they’re doing it and then once their done they go back to their own ways and the progress slowly reverses itself.

  2. they restrict the amount of calories you eat - which genuinely isn’t sustainable long term so this method is really just a swing diet and if you expect to keep off the weight you’ve lost you’ll need to stay on this “diet” forever… sounds horrible, I’m hungry just thinking about it. 

  3. they restrict certain food groups that you eat - this is probably the most classic form of dieting that most people do. No/Low carb is one of the most popular, or theres fasting, juice cleanses etc etc. Obvious short term weight loss is noticeable BUT don’t fool yourself if you think that once you start eating those foods again you wont just go back to square 1. 

Any diet that changes your lifestyle or eating habits too much is going to send you insane and you’ll probably find that once you’re finished you’ll be reaching for the worst kinds of foods as you’ve felt neglected for so long - by choosing to eat well and giving your body what it needs without being boring, tasteless or calorie-less you’ll find you actually enjoy how you feel on your “diet” and will carry on your healthy lifestyle and eating habits once the diet period is over. 

So what exactly AM I DOING?

In the simplest explanation I’m doing a health re-set/detox month to kick start my health and fitness back into what I am capable of maintaining and how I usually live my life - before I fell off the wagon for a few months. 

Why a month?

Well as most of you may know it takes 21 days to form a habit so doing a month is approximately just over that so doing a month of more extreme lifestyle changes is the best change Ill have at following on with my lifestyle after the month is over.

I’m an all or nothing kinda gal so something like this is necessary for me to take it seriously otherwise I tend to fall into the pattern of trying really hard for a few days and then when the weekend comes around breaking my health plan and telling myself its ok because “ill start again on Monday.” 

Im not saying that you cant enjoy the weekends and indulge - you definitely can and most of the time I do, but when Im working hard to reach a goal Id rather not leave any room for distractions or chances to slip up - one month of hard work is going to be so worth it once my goals are achieved and then I can enjoy indulges and know that its not going to effect my progress as ill be in maintenance mode instead of detox mode. 

“A Day on my Plate”

in my re-set / detox month looks like:

Daily: lots of water, green tea/ herbal teas with lemon and focusing on eating whatever my body craves that day but incorporating lots of fresh green veggies, fruit, clean protein and some nuts and healthy fats from coconut oil, avocado, peanut butter and nuts.

Breakfast - 

  • GF oatmeal (I sub oats for quinoa flakes as oats hurt my stomach but if you can eat oats - EAT EM UP, they’re bloody delicious) with toppings like: nuts, seeds, berries, peanut butter

  • OR a big smoothie bowl with blended banana, berries and cacao powder topped with seeds, fruit, nuts, berries etc

  • OR Chia pudding with fruit (my current OBSESSION)

Lunch - 

  • Big salad with fresh veggies and tofu

  • Soups 

  • Stir fry veggies and tofu with lemon, ginger and tamari dressing 

  • Pumpkin and avocado salad


  • Roasted veggies like pumpkin, sweet potato and cauliflower with tofu and a hummus or tahini dressing

  • Sauteed kale with tofu and steamed vegetables 

  • Zucchini Noodle pasta with homemade dressing/sauce

  • Tofu stir fry

  • Asian vegetable crunchy salad

  • Green curry or soup 


I try to avoid snacking as im well known to be the worlds worst snack-a-holic but when I need it I snack on fresh fruit, cut up veggies and hummus, nuts and dried fruit (in small doses of these as they are high cal and high fat sugar! nothing wrong with that when maintaining but when wanting to detox or lose weight its important to be aware of how much youre eating and these bad boys add up very quickly)


ummmm do you think I’m a crazy person! of course I still have treats and indulge on my month re-set… if I didn’t give myself room to have a little sweet treat then I’de be for sure binging later. 

I indulge on a small treat each day that I make from scratch and keep in the freezer or fridge - usually a protein ball, vegan treat of some kind as I have a MAJOR SWEET TOOTH and I think its important to let yourself have a treat if you want one… Some days I don’t feel like I need it but its something I look forward to having each day with a cup of tea so I allow myself to enjoy it.  

Currently I’ve been having a square of chocolate freezer fudge which is only 4 ingredients and satisfies my sweet tooth/ chocolate cravings without ruining the hard work from eating clean all day. 


And of course doing 45mins- 1hour of exercise daily to get my heart rate enough to get a good workout in. BUT if I have a day (like last Sunday) where I am just not feeling it and want to chill out for that day I listen to my body and just chill out. 

Half way point updates!

Im currently in the middle of week 3 and have noticed so many amazing changes - that ill update you guys on once I'm finished the month (I may even go for 6 weeks as Ive been so impressed with my results after not even 3 weeks and feel that 6 weeks is a great length to see noticeable results that will really inspire you guys to try it for yourself!) 

If you want to see what a day of eating may look like and how easy it is to stay on track watch my youtube video!