Ok, so... this year has been non-stop travelling for me up until 2 months ago when I got back from Europe and settled into life in Sydney. Since leaving school I’ve moved 4 times. That means starting from scratch 4x in the last 4 years... having to create a new space that feels like “home”, new friendship groups/ connections, new routine and pretty much curate my “new life” in that place each time.... and as much as I love experiencing all that life has to offer in these different cities- it has clearly taken its toll. Our bodies have an amazing way at keeping itself going until you finally stop and find yourself (sometimes literately) falling part. The past two months have been pretty tough for me and instead of listening to my body and looking after myself I ignored the signs and problems until they couldn’t be ignored any more. This month I am going to have a little re-set.. I’m going focus on my health, wellbeing, positivity and productiveness and am getting my priorities back in order. I wanted to share this with you guys to address it’s okay to feel like you’re going backwards sometimes and you’re not alone. There is SO much pressure constantly on us to be self- improving, creating, evolving and smashing goals but let me tell you something - life dosn’t just go up... it goes up, down & around and if you’re not physically and mentally healthy you’ll find yourself struggling to adapt when presented with a challenge/ chance to grow. I’m not upset that the last two months have gone the way they have, after all we need to experience hard times to appreciate how truely blessed we are 99% of the time - so here’s me, acknowledging the funk I was in, climbing my way out of it and bringing you guys with me! This month is going to be great.

So what am I going to be doing to “re-set” my health?

This month I will be focusing on my health and wellbeing… physical and mental.

Only eating fresh nurturing food and filling my body and mind with things that will have a positive effect on myself.

Limited/No: coffee, alcohol, processed (junk) foods, sugar etc.

Daily movement/ exercise, daily admin tasks, daily “me” moments where I switch off and do something that makes me feel happy or relaxed.

Surrounding myself with positive people that make me feel good and leave me in a calm state of mind after interacting.

Weekly goal setting for the future and reflecting on positive moments that past.

Im trying to get back to basics and feel that this is the best way how… If you have any tips or advice please feel free to let me know :)