ITS BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS - 3 Tips for getting in the (christmas) MOOD & Free Christmas Preset

Christmas at the grounds.

the grounds coffee

Im going to be honest with you guys… it really doesn’t feel like Christmas at all this year. Usually by this time my festiveness is in full swing and I’ve got Justin Bieber's Christmas album on repeat  with mistletoe stuck in my head. But this year Im struggling to even remember to say “Merry Christmas” without feeling weird. I think the underlying issue is that as a nation we’ve really dropped the metaphorical “festive ball”. In fairness it is unfair to compare Australia with most other countries as we don’t seem to get as hyped about the festive season (may be something to do with how bloody hot it is) but STILL there has been a dramatic decrease in the Christmas festivities this year and I wanted at least a little taste of it before its all over and we roll over into 2019. 

After thinking about what I could do to hype myself and my festiveness up in this silly, silly season I remembered one of my favourite places in Sydney had a Christmas installation running. I'd been to the Grounds of Alexandria before and am always impressed with their decorations so I knew that it would be good - but would it impress me enough to bring back my Christmas spirit? I decided I would have to go check it out before I turned into the grinch completely so I picked up my little sister and told her we were going to deck the halls… and get lunch. 

snowflake lane

If you're a Disney fan you’d surely recognise that The Grounds were crafty enough to create the different sections with inspiration from the Nutcracker movie. They had the land of snowflakes, the land of flowers and the land of sweets. Upon walking into the grounds you step foot into the land of snowflakes, I was instantly in awe. One of the most disappointing parts of doing Christmas in Australia is the fact that its smack bang in the middle of summer, which means no white Christmas… What the grounds did that was so amazing and probably the stand out of the whole installation was that they were able to create a white Christmas experience. With “snow covered” Christmas trees and huge nutcrackers spotted along the walk way you really felt like you are walking into another world.


Naturally the land of sweets was positioned where the usual food carts are located which seemed fitting as everyone lined up to get a sweet treat whilst checking it out. 

The thing I love most about the grounds is that its free and you could literately spend no money and still get the whole experience - not to mention their coffee is probably one of the best in Sydney (this has been confirmed by multiple sources - thank me later). They also have a few different food spots/ options which makes it easy and enjoyable to stay a little longer if you want to drag out the experience.

If you couldnt get to the grounds I have 3 tips to getting yourself in the christmas spirit (if youre feeling a lil grinchy)

1- CHRISTMAS MOVIES - The grinch, Elf and of course Love actually… thank me later

2- CHRISTMAS SONGS - I personally love Christmas classics like Ariana grandes “Christmas n chill” album or Justin Bieber hah ;)

3- CHRISTMAS FOOD - I dont need to explain this one

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