My top 5 brunch spots in BALI

1. Crate Cafe - Canggu

If youre wanting to go somewhere that has good food, australian quality coffee & an epic vibe Crate cafe is a must. Its hard to find good coffee in bali but you forget all about that at crate. Its an oasis just off a busy street in canggu and the energy of this cafe makes you feel like your back home away from home. It gets its name from the fact that most of the chairs and tables are crates with cushions/ decorations and the menu ranges from vegan-non vegan, savoury, smoothie bowls, indulges and healthy options. For example you can get the "good root" which is pictured below: tempeh and greens OR you can get Maple bacon pancakes.... pair either with a fresh juice or smoothie and a coffee and it probably wont even set you back $20.... unheard of in Australia. 



2. Sea Circus - Seminyak

We came here twice because it was THAT GOOD. 

Pictured below is scrambled tofu on gluten free toast with kale and chili avocado and the Acai bowls with a side of peanut butter... DUH. 

Both were so good & the reasonable prices make it too easy to over order... two meals for breakfast? why not.



3. Two Trees Eatery - Canggu

Absolutely delicious vegan indulgent food, but they also have non-vegan options.

The brownie/ desert was by far my favourite! But the tripple cooked sweet potato fries were a very close second.

Its not on the main strip of shops & cafes so you will need to google maps it as its hidden away - but definitely worth making the effort to as it is extremely beautiful & the food is mouth watering.



4. Shady Shack - Canggu

The shady shack is probably my favourite cafe in Bali... mainly because their menu is vegan/vegetarian which means that I have so many healthy options to choose from. The menu ranges from smoothie bowls to vegan burgers and has so many desert options as well as savoury snacks to choose from.

We were staying around the corner from here so naturally it was one of our go tos and ended up coming back a few times as it was consistently delicious, healthy and clean - another bonus was the local staff who always had a smile on their face. 



5. Strawberry fields - Seminyak

Strawberry fields has really nailed it. not only for brunch, but for cocktails and dinner too. We came here 3 times: twice for dinner and drinks and once for breakfast and it was great for everyone as the menu covered most peoples food preferences. The smoothie bowls were a decent size and had good flavour - the breakfast boards were also a good concept for people who cant decide on what they want as it had a range of options.