Two Trees Eatery - Canggu, Bali


Sometimes in life you stumble across hidden gems - this cafe was definitely one of them! 

It’s in a more local area between Seminyak and Canggu, and definitely isn’t somewhere that a lot of people would see on the way to/ from going somewhere. In saying that it’s not hard to navigate your way to - it’s just not in a busy spot on the main strip! Definitely worth making the effort to find as it was probably one of the best meals I had in Bali & possibly even my life.  

We were invited to try their menu as it had just recently opened and was trying to create some awareness in Bali, just from looking at their menu online and seeing a few of the Instagram pictures they had up I knew I was going to like it! Since it was the last day of our trip we almost didn’t make it in, I’m glad we made it though as the menu and few photos they had online did not do it justice at all! It was incredible! 


The interior and set up of the cafe was stunning. We choose a table outside but the inside was also so beautiful. Their open plan dining area was filled with light, which streaming in from every open window and additional attention to detail of greenery and baby succulents were spotted around the room, climbing the ceiling & walls - covering a few of the empty spaces with lush plantation. 

The final touches for the interior was put together nicely with white glossy tiling and light wooden surfaces and a similar colour scheme of woven baskets really tied in the whole place and gave off a very rustic but still modern feel. 


The final aesthetic of a yellow theme was also incorporated with their stools, door handles and other interior accessories (plates, jugs etc) and it just gave another point of difference and make it very unique. I don’t know what it is about the colour yellow, it just makes me so happy! 


Now onto the main focus... THE FOOD! 

As usual, our eyes were too big for our bellies and we ended up over ordering - don’t worry nothing went to waste and we pretty much ended up rolling out of the cafe after our three course lunch. 

We started off with the sweet potato fries, vegan cheesy kale chips and a selection of vegan sauces.


For the main course, we got two different meals and shared. One of the watermelon poke which is like a poke bowl but instead of raw salmon or fish we had watermelon cubes to accompany the standard poke bowl fillings: veggies, sprouts, greens, edamame etc etc. 

the other meal we opted for was the falafels and swapped the pita bread that came with the meal for extra falafels and veggies! 

Both were absolutely delicious and were gone within minutes. 

We also got a green juice and a pitaya smoothie to accompany our meals and since you can’t stop there I also wanted to try their ginger, mint and turmeric health tonic - which to my surprise was hot like a tea! Very different but still delicious though. 

After we had demolished the first two courses we were so impressed with everything so far that we didn’t want to leave without trying their dessert. After all if their food was that good surely the desert would be just as or even better? 

We choose the raw brownie with raspberry nice cream and the no bake apple crumble  with mango/ vanilla vegan “custard”. Both were absolutely incredible - however the brownie had to take the “cake” as best desert the subtle combinations of shredded coconut, fresh berries, vegan ice cream and crunchy yet sticky brownie all together really was such a delicious way to finish this feast and left us wanting more and keen to return to two trees and Bali for round 2. 


Two trees eatery is definitely in my top selection for healthy, sustainable and yummy eats in Bali and from what I was able to gauge from the menu, the prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are adequate. We definitely ended up over eating - but we planned to finish up our Bali trip and go home with a full belly and full heart, which we definitely accomplished after finishing up at two trees!