48 HOURS IN EUROPE | Rome/London/Barcelona (2018)

Hey guys, so as many of you know I recently went to Europe for the quickest trip ever: 3 nights in Rome, 3 nights in Barcelona and then 6 nights in London (where I was predominately working for half my time there).

I love traveling and when I travel I like to see and do as much as I can… I guess you could say I like to maximise my time and soak up everything that place has to offer and over time and trial and error I have figured out how to see a major city in 48 hours/ 2 days.

I thought I would give you guys some of my tips for these places as I’ve already seen these three destinations more then once (meaning I was able to make the silly tourist mistakes on the first go so you dont have to). I know whats important to see on limited time and whats overrated/ a touristy- con. 

48 hours in ROME

The first city I explored on this trip was Rome. Its one of my favourite places in the world and thats mainly because its so different to anywhere else I’ve ever been. Its hard to explain the way I feel when I get out of the airport in Italy but the air just feels different. As soon as you step out of the air con through the automatic doors a wave of heat rushes against your cheeks and the humidity clings to you. You don’t feel hot instantly, you just feel warm - like your lying on a beach. Another noticeable trait Rome has is that the streets amplify the sounds around them. Not constantly but you often hear sirens of the emergency vehicles erring in the distance (this always reminds me of the movie - the DaVinci code) as well as sounds of local buskers, traditional music from cafes and shops. I think it may have something to do with the way the architecture creates mini Ampitheathres but the sound travels and you often hear something before you see it.

Anyway thats enough romanticism lets get onto the details.

Top 5 things to see and do in Rome - rushed trip edition.

  1. Colosseum

  2. Basilica - not one of the main attractions but definitely one of the most impressive

  3. Trevi fountain and Spanish steps (they are so close you could do both in one hour with ample time to spare to get a gelato or an espresso)

  4. “Gilotti” BEST ice cream/ gelato - when in Rome guys

  5. Vatican city

Tips: Unless you have more then one day, are religious or just very into history I wouldn’t go into the Vatican and sistine chapel mainly due to: even with a fast pass ticket you line up for 30 mins to an hour, it takes ages, its expensive and its kind of (in my opinion anyway) just a big museum. 

I don’t speak for everyone but I like to get into the city and see the people and experience the culture and atmosphere and spending a day in a museum isn’t really my idea of experiencing a city. In saying that I have been and it was lovely - just wouldn’t put it a the top of my list. 

Most of the places you can walk to so grab a map or get maps on your phone when you arrive and map out the places you want to go - the coliseum and the basilica are next to each other so you can do those two then have some breakfast, walk through the city to the Spanish steps and the Trevi fountain, - grab some lunch or gelato and then walk to the Vatican city and you’ll get to see the old prison as a bonus on the way and then you can grab dinner down by the river where there is a few different places playing live music or you can head back into the middle and go to a traditional Italian place. 


48 hours in BARCELONA

Ive done Barcelona twice now and my main tip as a girl traveling solo the second time is - don’t go alone! 

I’m not sure why i thought it was a safe place to go by myself seeing as there is such a high crime rate in Barcelona I just assumed Id be fine go there to chill out and go to the beach and the markets but I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb and became a target when i was by myself - so much so that I ended up staying in the hotel on the last day except the quickly go get snacks and rush home to eat in the safety of my room. 

Apart from that - its a beautiful city, so much culture and the architecture is divine. there are just some suspicious characters about.  

Top 5 things to see and do in Barcelona - rushed trip edition.

1. La Rambles & “ “ fruit / tapas market

2. Barcelona Park/ Zoo 

3. Walking street with shops

4. The cathedral & tiny streets 

5. The beach

Again, Barcelona is a great place to go when you are on borrowed time as everything you need to see is very close together. 

its one of this places that is easy to do in a day - just map it out and be smart about it.

My favourite place in Barcelona is the fruit market - its a shock to the senses: vibrant colours, all of the different delicious smells, people hustling you to buy goods, so many different things to taste - its very overwhelming, in the best way possible. 


48 hours in LONDON

London has got to be one of my favourite places in the world. I mean, I’m biased because I’m British - but honestly, its just a place like no other and you really do need more then 24 hours here but I’m going to give you guys my top things to do on a rushed trip anyway…

now, since I have way more experience with London then the other two places I’ve added in a little bonus - tourist trip vs local trip. depending on what you want out of your visit because you can spend all day looking at everything or you could spend your day doing everything- up to what experience your after. 

Top 5 things to see and do in London - rushed trip edition TRAVEL LIKE A TOURIST

1. Buckingham palace

2. Carnaby street/ soho

3. hyde park

4. big ben & London eye (next to each other)

5. oxford circus

6. harrods


Top 5 things to see and do in London - rushed trip edition TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL

1. Soho - at night 

2. walking or cycling in Hyde park / green park. 

3. Kensington and Chelsea shopping - boutiques

4. bond street shopping 

5. Harrods and Selfridges food halls  

6. going to a play/ musical/ show etc.