aussie brunch snob: Bondi Edition | My Top 5 bondi-locals-only brunch spots

Since moving to Sydney I have been on the hunt for my go-to brunch places that will consistency satisfy my lil foodie obsessed habits. 

I have done some research and also some taste testing and the results are in. I have narrowed it down to my top 5 brunch places and have decided to share these with you all so that you don't have to ever go to an average cafe ever again. 

In order for these cafes to qualify they must tick off certain criteria. 

  • good coffee is a must

  • there options for vegan/non-vegan dietary requirements (so that everyone is happy)

  • they have a selection of sweet and savoury options

  • they have health conscious as well as splurge options

  • the prices arn't going to break the bank

After a bit of deliberation with my colleagues (a.k.a. my free-loader friends who tagged along for free food)  we have come to the conclusion that these cafes (in no particular order) made the final cut for the...... drumroll please..... TOP 5 BRUNCH SPOTS IN SYDNEY. (in no particular order)

  1. Preach Cafe

  2. Vida Surf Shop

  3. Speedos Cafe

  4. Side Room

  5. Le Paris Go

For an in detail write up for each place see other blog posts (click on each of the places in the list above and it will take you to the write up). 

If you haven't already tried these places - get your activewear on and try them out! Trust me, your healthy post-pilates brunch date OR your Sunday hungover "feed me" brunch spots have just level up a whole lot more. 

Ariana WhittinghamComment