Sydneys healthiest brunch-snob approved (and LOVES) BARE NAKED BOWLS

Bare Naked Bowls - Surry hills, Bronte Beach, Manly & Dee Why


The menu is also very easy to navigate and has a key with any information you may want about your food selection - wether its a hot or cold item, if it contains nuts, dairy, gluten, refined sugar and wether or not it is vegan. This makes it very easy for people following a strict dietary requirement to order with ease and saves the awkward questions/ alterations we may face when ordering at a standard cafe. 

What we ordered: 

  • Naked Breakky Bowl (buckwheat porridge) w coconut yoghurt

  • Manly Acai bowl

  • Dragon Slam smoothie

  • Beetroot latte on the house-made cashew milk

  • The fix cold pressed orange juice


The star of this breakfast has to go to the Naked Breakky b owl, hands down this has to be the most impressive thing I’ve ordered from a cafe all year. Both of us were scraping the bowl trying to get the last spoonfuls of this creamy delicious porridge dish and have been talking about it for days since.


The Manly bowl was a classic twist on an Acai bowl but what I find most impressive about Bare Naked Bowls is that they dont add all the unnecessary "crap" to an acai bowl and just keep it as natural as it should be. They also use quality ingredients to top the bowl with like caramelised buckwheat, fresh fruit, shredded coconut, goji berrries etc instead of packaged granola and frozen fruit. So for all the other Acai snobs out there ill give it my tick of approval in saying its a premium quality Acai bowl. We modified the bowl so that it was completely gluten free and added a peanut butter drizzle to ours too! So delicious! 


Overall great food, good coffee and we will definitely be coming back for more of that buckwheat porridge. 

Bare Naked Bowls - Bronte Beach & Manly NSW