PREACH CAFE | an honest bondi-beach-brunch snobs review

Preach Cafe - Bondi Beach


If you're looking for amazing food in one of Sydney's most iconic locations you really cant go past Preach Cafe. Located on Campbell Parade right opposite Bondi Beach its the perfect place to go if you're wanting to extended your day on after brunch, wether its by doing the coastal walk or strolling through some of the bondi boutiques - theres options for anyone to enjoy a morning out in bondi.  

What we ordered: 

  • Poke-cado (gluten free)

  • Green Breakfast bowl

  • Chilli Eggs

  • Banana Pancakes

  • Green Smoothie

  • Vegan Berry smoothie

The two main dishes that stood out of what we ordered was the Poké cado and the Pancakes.

These pancakes are not only the most extra thing you’ve ever seen but they’re also Gluten free and Vegan friendly but don’t get confused by thinking that makes them healthy because they are accompanied by a huge serve of vegan ice cream and drizzled in a shot of maple syrup. I am a huge pancake fan and these definitely cured my pancake cravings, they’re big fluffly panckaes, covered in fresh fruit and maple syrup - they are a huge serve also so make sure you bring someone along to help you finish them! 


The other dish that ill defeitenly be keen to go back for was the poké cado. The only way I can describe this dish is that its kind of like getting avocado on toast with a side of salmon but with an added flare of a poké bowl in terms of its presentation and texture. The avocado and salmon are diced instead of smashed and garnished with pomegranate seeds BUT there is also diced mango which just changes the dynamics of the dish all together. It may not be for everyone, but don’t turn your nose up until you try it…. It was different, but in the best way.  

One other positive that we had from Preach cafe was that they make a very decent coffee. Preach cafe uses good quality milk alternatives which makes such a difference when you have a coffee with almond or soy milk. Ill definitely be keeping them in mind as a good take away coffee spot also for the next time I head down to bondi beach for the coastal walk - it was that good.