BONDI WHOLEFOODS | Sydneys healthiest food blogger approved

Bondi Wholefoods - Surry Hills 


So this cafe has got to be my favourite out of all the cafes in sydney (that ive tried so far anyway). I think mainly because it has so many options for everyone and its health concious but still sticks to a normal cafe vibe and is just a really good place for a feed. Wether your vegan, paleo, gluten free or none of the above it has something for everyone - which makes life so easy when trying to find somewhere for everyone to be satisfied and happy with their food. 

One of the main things I like about Bondi Wholefoods is that their menu is ALL DAY breakfast and all day lunch, every single day, until 4pm... which means for the sleepyheads who sleep in past conventional breakfast hours but still want to start (whats left of) their day with a breakky meal you can satisfy your eggs or pancakes craving at the same time as your friend is getting lunch. 


What we ordered:

  • Scrambled Eggs on toast - a breakfast classic (sometimes can determine how good a place really is) but not completely standard as its made with free range eggs and organic sourdough toast

  • Paleo eggs benny with a side of bacon

  • Vegan pancakes

  • Longevity bowl - quinoa, greens, sweet potato and poached eggs

Obviously the star of the show was the vegan pancakes, however if you're wanting a lighter breakfast probably steer clear from these bad boys as they are super filling and dense (and delicious I might add). They may look like a smaller serve of pancakes but they were almost impossible to finish off. The longevity bowl was also delicious and the paleo eggs benny got the tick off approval from the boys also. 

One other takeaway from Bondi Wholefoods is their extensive selection of take-aways! They have so many delicious slices, raw treats, juices, healthy nibbles, salads and so much more all ready to get taken home with you - my personal fav... Banana bread hehe. They also have EPIC smoothies the vegan salted caramel one was so good, I came back for seconds.  


Safe to say we were all rolling out of Bondi Wholefoods with food babies after our brunch