NANA JUDY Estate Party 

Occasion: Splendour in the Grass

Location: Angus Stones property in Byron Bay

Date: 21/07/2018

In terms of line- up, Saturday always tends to be the least impressive day of splendour in the grass. So all the more reason to head into Byron for the Nana Judy Party with some of the funkiest people attending (and some not attending) the festival. 

Last year was my first SITG and we chose to sit this party out due to the fact we were clamping nearby and it was a mission to get from the festival area into byron and then back but BOY OH BOY am I glad we made the effort this year. Not going to lie, if you didn’t go - you missed out.

First of all the location is at Angus stones place in Byron Bay. And if I was a 38 year old Byron Bay folk/indie singer I can guarantee my place would have a pretty similar set up to what Angus has. You enter through the main gates after driving down what seems like the worlds longest white gravel pathway and it feels like when you’ve just hopped off the airplane somewhere outrageously tropical. The tropical island/ “shipwreck” vibe really sets up the perfect location to have a pre festival party. If the location wasn’t enough the crowd and the live music really just topped it off.

it was kind of like a mini festival inside a festival  - or just a really super dope house party…. you know the ones? those house parties that are set up like a tropical island with a mini man made lake and sailing boat in it just for extra pizazz. 

Anyway, it was free drinks, cool people and live music. I took my film camera in and had some fun.

Enjoy these in the moment party pics - and of course they all are raw, unedited, unfiltered.