Omnilux Light Therapy review - The Clear Skin Clinic (double bay)

LED light therapy - Post- treatment review

As most of you would know I am a big advocate of looking after your skin. I love a good skincare routine, and part of my routine is having a clinic I regularly visit for treatments that can improve the areas that your daily skincare products just cant target. I have tried so many different services and have been since I was about 14 years old. I love getting facials, deep cleans, microdermabrasions, peels, IPL, masks etc, etc, etc! 

Since moving to Sydney I discovered a beautiful skin clinic in double bay and have recently started a skin programme with them. The Clear Skin Clinic specialises in (yes, you guessed it) clear skin.. in particular helping people who suffer from breakouts/acne. Acne isn’t necessarily limited to young girls and boys breaking out when they go through puberty - in fact many adults suffer from breakouts later in life too. Because breakouts and acne isn’t a very popular dinner table conversation topic alot of people keep their problems and issues to themselves but its nothing to be embarrassed about and sometimes not talking about it can leave you in the dark on how to manage it better. Alot of people think that its either incurable or it is a “phase” when there are so many options available if you seek out the right help. 

If you need help managing your breakouts/acne please give the lovely ladies at the clear skin clinic in double bay a call or pop in for a consult - I can personally vouch for them as I believe they are extensively experienced and able to help. 

I do not currently suffer from acne or get bad breakouts anymore (thank goodness) however I do have some correction from bad skin in the past… so for my skin programme I wanted to minimise my pores, correct pigmentation/ skin tone and reduce my scarring (I thankfully didn’t get bad scarring but want to achieve as flawless skin as I can for modelling). To start things off we decided to do a course of Omnilux light therapy sessions - 8 sessions, each 48 hours apart and alternating between Red and White light. 

Light therapy is used to help treat: acne/ rosacea, healing scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and hyper pigmentation, so this was a great choice to start with based on my skin goals.

  • Red light - stimulates collagen formation and increases moisture in your skin. Anti inflammatory

  • White light/ Infared - stimulates collagen and promotes healing of tissue

My results after 8 sessions: 

I personally noticed my skin looked “plumper” and I have less pigmentation in my cheeks as well as noticeably smaller pores. 


I was honestly surprised by my results as its such a non-invasive treatment and felt more relaxing then anything. I think that this is a great treatment for everyone however would be a great option for people who haven’t ever had skin treatments done or who have sensitive skin as its so gentle and there really isn’t any contact involved. Its also a great treatment to have as an add on after other skin treatments as it is only 20 minutes and can be done after most other more invasive skin treatments to amplify the results. 

The Clear Skin Clinic - (02) 9327 5033

13b Transvaal Ave, Double Bay NSW 2028