SPEEDOS CAFE - Top 5 Brunches in Bondi

Speedos Cafe - North Bondi 


What we ordered: 

  • Green Goodness Bowl

  • Pink Pittaya Bowl

  • Caramalised banana + chia Vegan Pancakes

  • Gen Y

  • Bondi Rescue

  • Tumeric Latte

  • Peanut Nutter Smoothie

  • Raw, GF Donuts: Pineapple, Cinnamon pretzel and Chocolate coconut

Yes, we maaaaay have over ordered and yes, we finished it all.

Speedos is so well known that it really dosn't really need an introduction - but for those of you who are somehow still out of the loop its a cafe in north bondi overlooking bondi beach. It gets an A+ for location as it is positioned on the hill so views of the beach, ocean and icebergs in the distance are visible from the outside and indoor seating! 


This wasn't my first visit to speedos either,  I had deliberately gone there a few years ago when I was visiting Sydney as its renown to have really good options for people with gluten free and vegan dietary requirements. Its main attraction though for most people are the vegan pancakes. Unfortunately the pancakes aren't able to be adapted to a gluten free option however there are still so many other mouth watering options that you can choose from. 

Something that I found really helpful when ordering was that the menu is divided into sections: "Clean", "Feed me" and "Classics" which I think is a really great way to help you decipher your choice - especially for someone like me who can never decide on what to eat. 


Although I didn't personally get to taste them: the star of this brunch was the pancakes, the presentation itself was enough to win the breakfast however all of the girls gave them a 10/10 and promised me that they needed their own special mention on the blog. My personal favourite dish was the Green goodness bowl - just adding roasted tomatoes and subbing the eggs to make it vegan friendly! Another thing I was extremely impressed with was the presentation of all the dishes was amazing as well as the quality and variety of fresh fruit that dressed a few of the dishes. We scored strawberries, dragonfruit, starfruit, banana, kiwifruit and a few others which was such a treat! 

It would be rude to leave without trying some of their raw, vegan, gluten free deserts so we ordered some to share and OH MY GOODNESS... THE PINEAPPLE DOUGHNUT! We were all shocked. That desert was something else as we all thought it was the best part of the whole brunch. Never would I ever choose a pineapple flavoured anything but damn.... I will be coming back for that donut 100%. 


Anyway all in all I would definitely recommend speedos cafe, good food, good coffee, and good servings of fruit and a generous serving of avocado on the smashed avocado dish - so if thats not enough to convince you.... I don't know what is!

Thanks for having us in Speedos! We will defintely be back in for more & more & more (espically for that pineapple donut) 


Ariana WhittinghamComment