Soulara Plant Based Meals Review & 3 Tips for people "too busy" to stick to their diet

SOULARA - Clean, Plant-based Meals delivered to your door.

What it is? 

Prepped plant based meals that are delivered to you all ready for the week ahead. They help you stay on track with your healthy eating habits and significantly cut down time, costs and thought that goes with trying to stay on track. 

Life has been too crazy for me lately and Ive found that due to all the running around I often skip meals and then when I’m starving ill over eat, make bad food choices or end up being too fatigued the next day. Were all human and when we get hungry and tired - its not pretty. I was talking to a friend a few months ago about how convenient it would be to do pre prepared meals to help make life easier but after a quick look at the options currently on the market I was always disappointed by the lack of vegetarian/ vegan/ gluten free options and thought there was definitely a gap in the market for it. It wasn’t long until Live Soulara came along and as soon as I heard about it I was eager to try it out. 

They have a range of options depending on what you need help with prepping most and all of their options are adaptable to (but not limited to) gluten free, vegan, no nuts, no onion/garlic etc. So it makes it very easy to still get a variety of options no matter what your dietary requirements are. All of the meals and snacks are also healthy and most of them fairly low in calories - which makes it complimentary to people who are dieting. 


What I ordered:

  • Shawarma Spiced Jackfruit Bowl

  • Ruby sunrise chia pudding

  • Moon Bay Quinoa Cakes 

  • Roje Maidens soba 

  • Cold Pressed Cleansing juice pack

  • Cold pressed sunshine booster

  • Enoki magi Soba

  • Kung Pao Brussel sprouts 

My favourites:

Roje maidens soba, Moon bay quinoa cakes and sunshine booster juice!

I know that choosing orange juice in my favourites may sound quite boring but I’m not usually a huge fan of orange juice but I love this orange juice so much! I was so surprised and definitely recommend to anyone not sure what to order.

Why I recommend Live Soulara 

Apart form being extremely convent the meals are also so tasty! I realised that ive been so boring with my food lately and tend to make the same thing almost every single day, which is probably why I am always so eager to eat out at any given opportunity (just out of pure food boredom). Since starting with Live Soulara I actually look forward to each new meal I am going to try and also often crave my favourites. Since they are also regulated and I know how many calories etc in each one I dont feel the need to restrict myself from certain food groups as I can monitor how much I’m eating without neglecting a certain food group. Being able to have noodles as well as stir frys, curries, juices and raw treats really gives me a lot more diversity in my diet and means I’m not ever left feeling dis satisfied and craving junk. 

It saves me so much time - having to only heat up some of the meals means that I have more time to sleep in, workout, scroll instagram….. whatever! Dont get me wrong I love cooking but when time is of the essence (which it SO is right now) I need every little extra second I can get and Live Soulara enables me to keep them. 


Another idea I have had to do with Soulara is doing a juice cleanse with their juice packs as it would be significantly cheaper ordering a few juices with some meals and doing two days in the week or a few half day cleanses as part of the 9 options instead or doing a $300+ juice cleanse from somewhere else. 

You can choose 9, 12, 15 or 18 meals per week and the prices range from around $100 a week to $170 a week. Pretty good if you ask me!

3 Tips for sticking to your diet when your time poor

  1. MEAL PREP (this is why I use Soulara, it helps me so much as I don’t even have to prep - just order and it comes to me ready to go for the week… talk about game changer!)

  2. 80/20 RULE: 80% healthy foods and 20% indulgent foods. If you are too restrictive chances are you will end up binging and then undoing all the good work you’ve put in place. Have a little treat every now and then to keep you sane or find things that you enjoy and eat them often so you don’t feel like you’re neglecting yourself too much.

  3. CHANGE IT UP: dont get stuck in a food rut and “spice it up” a bit or you’ll get bored and end up choosing unhealthy options. Find inspiring instagram accounts, bloggers or Youtubers that share their healthy recipes and use them to keep yourself inspired to continually make healthy choices.

Find the menu, prices and more information at 

See their instagram for droolworthy food inspo:

Use the code: “ariana20” for $20 off your first order ($80 instead of $100) :) xx