48 HOURS IN BALI | 2-day-tourist

I want to start this with a strong foreword: Do not only go to bali for 48 hours.


Bali is one of my top travel recommendation go-to’s for Australians. It is one of Indonesias unique provinces and although it is extremely well known as a travel hot spot is unknowingly versatile towards the type of holiday you are seeking.  I would recommend a  5-10 day stay, however both of the recent trips to bali I booked 10 days and extended to over 2 weeks, so if in doubt, book a flexible flight. 

To stick with my theme of being a Tourist in Bali for 48 hours - I will focus on the “tourist” sights that I personally think is worth checking out and in a seperate blog post ill share my fave foodie cafes/ restaurants/ bars/ beach-clubs etc because bali truly is a hospitality mecca for foodies and party-goers as well as an incredibly beautiful country that deserves just as much credit for its sights.  

I personally think that when you travel its important to go and explore - not necessarily the typical “sight seeing” but definitely make the effort to try and experience the different cultures each place has to offer.  True Indonesian people are extremely kind-hearted and accomodating. They often come across as “chilled” because they are not in a rush by any means necessary: it may take you longer than expected to get things done as they have a "no worries” kind of attitude towards most things. Which is one of the reasons why I strongly suggest staying longer in bali… simply because it often takes longer to get things done. This may sound inconvenient on paper but in reality it’s a great way to allow things in life to naturally slow down - a phenomenon that we present to understand but don’t really do enough to act upon in. Many of us, some without even realising it, have adopted some form of first-world time-precious mannerisms… I noticed mine majorly when I first got to bali and found myself becoming more and more irritated by the slower then usual service and time it took for transport and other basic services. Because of the peoples overly happy and polite nature however it was impossible to stay irritated as they didn’t seem to be bothered by the time it took to get things done. To me it was a refreshing change from my usually extremely fast paced lifestyle and it encouraged me to enjoy (or try to enjoy) being present and experiencing each moment wether it was seemingly inconvenient or not. 

If you are going to bali with limited time, choosing a location close to everything you want to see is key because getting form each sight will be a lot easier and will save you some of that precious time us first-world millennials so desperately claim to “never have enough of.” 

My personal favourite spot in bali to stay in is Canggu, logically for the culture and sights- you’re probably better off staying somewhere between Canggu and Ubud - as a lot of the sights are north of Canggu - or all the way down south but Canggu is the the best location to stay (in my opinion) and kind of in the middle so it can work out nicely if you get a driver and plan out your days to smash everything out. 

Ubud &. Uluwatu 

So if you’re smart and you have more then 5 days in bali then don’t stress because this doesn’t apply to you but if you’re literately trying to see bali in 48 hours you might have to pick one or the other. 

Ubud is in the middle of bali and essentially is the Indonesian “jungle” but don’t let this fool you there is so much to see and do still considering it may seem quiet: rice terraces, hanging gardens, waterfalls, monkey forrest, butterfly sanctuary, temples, elephant conservatory (please make sure you do your research before going to any of them - I actually strongly advise against it but since it is one of the tourist attractions in bali I felt obliged to mention it.) Ubud also is a beautiful place for wellness and relaxation as it is filled with so many places to practice yoga, meditation, healthy eating etc. 

  • Markets /night markets

  • Ubud sacred monkey forrest 

  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces

  • Hanging gardens - infinity pool into a rainforest/ jungle. The view is incredible and if you can afford it, definitely worth going (you can stay here or pay for a day pass - its pretty expensive and some of the other hotels have similar pool situation but this one is phenomenal) 

  • Waterfalls: Tegenungan 

  • Temples: Saraswati, Elephant Cave, 

Uluwatu is down south of bali and is essentially a huge cliff face overlooking the ocean - that itself is worth the trek down to see, however, like ubud there are also a fair few sights to see. Its an extremely popular spot for surfing too so if you enjoy vivid sunsets, outstretched ocean views, surfing OR surfers ;) its definitely a sight you don’t want to miss whilst in bali. 

  • Jimbaran bay (close by to Uluwatu, maybe stop on the way back after the day of activities and looking around) you can actually have dinner on the beach at some of the restaurants - suggest going at sunset. 

  • Beaches (these beaches have nice white sand and clear water, unlike Seminyak, Canggu etc)  the most popular are: Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu, Dreamland. (there may be a beach fee 10,000 - 15,000 but its worth it if you’re there for a few hours - its to keep it clean etc)

  • Single fin (Wednesday or Sunday) for sunset drinks, good vibes & music. Theres also Sundays beach club and Omnia but they are both a bit more pricey and scene-y (in my opinion). 

  • Uluwatu temple 

If you can cover a few of these activities and sights on your trip you will definitely feel like you’ve successfully immersed yourself in the balinese culture as well as experienced the modern vibes and can tick bali off your travel list. If you have more time please try and check out some of the islands as well as exploring locally around the Canggu area! 

As you can probably tell I REALLY enjoy my little escapes to bali and want you guys to experience it the way I do. I talk to so many friends who haven’t been and I always get a similar response; for some reason most people have a perception that Bali a huge party island that Australians go to for a week, stay in a villa by the pool all day and then go out to eat and drink in the evenings - there definitely is a lot of that in Seminyak and Kuta (and there’s nothing wrong with that, if its what you need from your holiday), but in most of the other “local” areas its a stunning place to go for relaxation - overflowing with culture, amazing food, sights and slow paced vibe to bring you back to earth. 

More blogs to come on: where to eat in Canggu, where I stayed & other travel/lifestyle tips.