A hungry models guide to: Mexico City, Mexico

I have always loved been super passionate about healthy eating and whenever I travel I am always super excited to experience and discover new healthy foodie places all over the globe. I always have lists in the notes section of my phone of places I want to try and then rate them and write down or take pictures of anything that I loved so I figured my blog would be the perfect place to share my lists with you guys!

Working and travelling simultaneously means that I don’t ever go away with the mindset of eating everything and anything I want (“going crazy”) and then dealing with the consequences after a.k.a detoxing or dieting when I leave as I travel too frequently and I need to be feeling and looking my best whilst I travel and don’t have the luxury of yo-yo ing off and back onto my healthy habits after their vacation.

My approach to travel and diet is more sustainable and healthy but still allowing room for indulging and encouraging experiences… because in my opinion balance really is the foundation of creating healthy habits.

What I look for in a good cafe/ restaurant and what you can expect these places to provide if featured on my blog.

requirements to feature on “a hungry models guide”

  • the food has to be considered “healthy” (not necessarily the cleanest/ healthiest/ organic/ biodynamic/ vegan/ paleo/ etc etc etc vibe BUT has to be somewhere that you can eat at regularly if you are health conscious)

  • it feels like “treat yourself” but NOT “cheat day”

  • to address the “hungry model” aspect this is important as portion size and price need to be factored into the review.

My 5 favourite cafes for SKINNY LEGENDS in Mexico City

  1. Ojo De Agua (condesa, polanco)

Price: $$$$ (for mexico city it is expensive)

Portion Size: salads/ sandwiches and juices are HUGE so go hungry

avocado toast is normal size so go whenever

FYI nothing on the menu is a small portion.

Accommodates for gf/vegan/ other dietary requirements: YES

Sugar/ Oil free options: Yes - if you ask for salad dressing on the side as I believe there is more then usual sugar and oil in the dressing (due to it tasting SO good). 

How I felt after my meal: Always so full and so satisfied.

My order/ what I LOVE: Avocado truffle toast, Beetroot salad with salmon (sin queso - without feta cheese), Acai bowl - as an indulge (only occasionally as it has a load of sugar in it), Portobello sandwich on GF !!!

2. Mora Mora (polanco, condesa, roma)

Price: $$$

Portion Size: small but I believe it is controlled to ensure lower calorie intake (but if you are budgeting you may think that for the price you don’t get a whole lot of food - in my opinion it is worth it because of the quality) they also have a range of grab n’ go salads, oats, juices, and bowls that you can pick up on the way which is really handy for the hungry model on the go.

Accommodates for gf/vegan/ other dietary requirements: YES.

Sugar/ Oil free options: YES

How I felt after my meal: I always go here when Im really craving it so I usually feel satisfied afterwards however if you are expecting a huge meal don’t go here as you will be disappointed. 

My order/ what I LOVE: Blue smoothie bowl with coconut, cacao nibs and strawberries, ginger coffee lattee, ginger shot, build your own salad: greens and quinoa, falafels, avocado, brocolli, cucumber, sugar free acai bowl, pesto zuchinni noodle grab n’ go, oats and chia grab n’ go

3. S.E. Basico (polanco)

Price: $$

Portion Size: decent

Accommodates for gf/vegan/ other dietary requirements: YES

Sugar/ Oil free options: don’t think so for the deserts but probably for the bowls 

How I felt after my meal: Very satisfied after indulging a lot BUT you dont have to indulge here - they have an extensive menu so you can really have any kind of food experience you want from: super clean, light snack, filing, build your own, brunch, deserts whatever.

My order/ what I LOVE: You can do a make your own salad bowl so whatever I’m vibeing I can put together. they also have a brunch menu with lots of savoury and sweet options, they have hot and cold bowls too which are always super popular but the star of the show here is the deserts. The sugar free chocolate ice cream is INSANE. They also have health shots and green juice and many other delicious desert options.

4. Seven Buddhas 

Price: $$

Portion Size: Decent but not too big

Accommodates for gf/vegan/ other dietary requirements: YES

Sugar/ Oil free options: YES

How I felt after my meal: amazing, this place also left my heart happy as they are 0 waste and I felt this needed to be shared as it was a lovely feeling knowing that enjoying a meal out won’t cause any additional harm to the planet. For this reason alone I would come back more… but the food is incredible also. 

My order/ what I LOVE: The salad bowl, ginger shot, gluten free chickpea waffles - these are savoury waffles that go with some of the salads, chai tea lattee. 

5. Forever Vegano 

Price: $$

Portion Size: medium 

Accommodates for gf/vegan/ other dietary requirements: YES completely vegan - some gf options

Sugar/ Oil free options: not 100% sure as this place seemed like more of a “treat meal” place not necessarily super health vibes. 

How I felt after my meal: Great - lots of fun things to try. 

My order/ what I LOVE: cauliflower bites, chocolate peanut butter cups, tofu quinoa salad, thai noodle dish, tacos, my friends got the wrap and said it was INSANE

ALSO fyi for Mexico City lovers.

There are also SO many take away/ uber eats/ rappi options that are super healthy and clean and you can literately order from a different place every day of the week… 

some that I frequently ordered from: 

  • green grass (DIY salad)

  • Bamboo poke bar (polanco has a store you can dine in too but there are 2 on uber eats also)

  • Mahiki poke (they have a restaurant in condesa which is really pretty to dine in also)

  • Uno Poke House

  • Falafito (falafel plate with salad)