walk, walk, fashion baby

Fashion is like my kryptonite - I could easily drop my entire months pay check in one afternoon at the shops and not batt an eye.And you know what? i'm not even mad about it. 

I have been studying a science degree for the past 3 years, and before that I was in school (doing predominately science subjects also) five days a week, for 12 years. I think its pretty reasonable to say that my life has been ↑ innovative > creative (you get my point...haha). But the problem is; on the inside I am a creative at heart and without fashion/ photography and social media etc.. my soul would have died in the science industry a long time ago. 

Fashion has allowed me to escape my reality and kept me on my path even when I've wanted nothing more then to give up. Being able to take my mind off my degree and all the very dry subjects I have had to endure, has been a "degree-saver". 

Lets face it, wether you're as passionate about fashion as I am or not, everyone can appreciate a well put together outfit. You don't decide if you have personal stye or not, everyone has it and thats what makes the fashion industry so successful - there are so many different types of fashion taste to appeal to so there is so much room to grow and constantly change it up. 

 For instance i'm constantly changing up my wardrobe essentials and getting rid of "old" last seasons purchases. Not due to desperately trying to keep up with the trends - as I'm not overly fussed with whats in and whats out each season, but because there is always so much amazing new stuff coming out that I just cant wait to get my hands on.

I feel that each new outfit deserves a special occasion or a special outing to debut it to the world, so a lot of the time my new goodies don't see the light of day for a while - but I ensure you they are still loved very much.