Diet & exercise:

the foundation of health


Ever since I hit puberty I was on a rollercoaster of weight fluctuations. I would gain weight and then loose it and half the time had no idea what was going on. It attacked my self esteem and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin most of the time as I never felt like I was myself.

My ideal body weight and size wasn't dependant on what number showed up on the scales or how much my "collar bones" popped, but rather how I FELT.

I've trailed and tested so many different diets and exercise regimes and finally developed a "plan" that has not only kept my fitness goals consistent, my weight hasn't fluctuated - only has decreased and then plateaued at my ideal level and I find it so easy to keep at it over a long period of time. Most of the extreme exercise and diets I tried would work really well for a period and then as soon as you stopped them or toned them down a little bit (due to life/ work/ other priorities) all of the results ceased to exist on my body. And once again I felt disheartened and insecure.

Bali Trip 2016

Once I started modelling I came to realise that in order to book jobs I needed to keep up a fit and lean physique all year round - measurements should get better not worse, in this industry anyway. However I do not believe in cutting carbohydrates, skipping meals or any other extreme dieting techniques to achieve this. Im not advocating eating whatever you want as much of it as you want all of the time, but I do believe that in order to live a healthy life you should have a balance and allow yourself to indulge in moderation. 

The way I workout and fuel my body now makes it so easy to keep on top of my fitness goals I rarely need to stop to think about it as its second nature to me. I also let myself indulge and don't ever punish or put pressure on myself if I slip up or am not able to workout - as this tends to make it less enjoyable and unachievable in the long run. Weight is one of the biggest issues that many people struggle with daily. For myself personally it consumed majority of the space in my head for a very long time and made me feel like a lesser version of myself. I know this is an issue for many people and I hope to share how I was able to overcome this hurdle, and help you get your health and fitness back on track.