if it was too easy, it would be no fun

Doing it all isn't easy.  Im not going to BS that, but once you find a way to balance it all without feeling like a hamster on a never ending wheel - thats when its all worth it.

My life is extremely busy and each part of my life deserves my attention and are constantly a work in progress. However somehow I manage to keep everything afloat, and most of the time end up being quite successful. Im going to share my tips and tricks on how to "keep it all together without dropping the ball" with you guys, through my posts and youtube. I will share my secrets in how I keep my head above water through my organisation, setting goals and making sure to accomplish them, prioritising and learning when to say no to a new task. 

This is something that I have personally had to figure out on my own and for many years struggled to find a way to keep it all together, however after many years of unorganised chaos - I have found a solution and want to share it with you guys so you can be the most successful and productive versions of yourself. Because lets face it, when it gets too hard we tend to give up and let go of things a bit - but with a little help from my organisation tricks you may just be able to get more done with less stress. 

Lifestyle will also include many other aspects of my life which don't fall into; health, travel, fashion or work. For instance - my personal life and making choices for day-to-day activities, monthly music picks, hair and skincare routines, how to prepare for; festivals/ traveling/ parties etc... things that interest me and that I want to share with you guys and more! 

Im really excited about this space as its something that I personally haven't seen myself and I feel it will be able to help a lot of you! 




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