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Whats involved:

Its no secret that social media is a major part of society and when used correctly can be an unlimited, accessible source for online media promotions and advertisements. As a social media influencer I have developed my own unique style of content creation which attracts my target audience and continuously entertains my audience.

There is a never ending opportunity for product endorsement across all social media channels. Most successful influencers have harnessed their own style when promoting brands that allows them to construct their advertisement subtly, yet in a way they know their audience will engage with. This results in the consumer believing it was their own desire to purchase the product. The art of subtle advertisement is FAR more effective in sales then conventional advertisement methods which are noticeably far more aggressive and blatantly look like an “ad”.

My method behind successful social media promotions is to create an advertisement which encapsulates the product whilst bringing my own “essence” to it. Since my audience is already interested in my content I find it easy and effortless to promote for a brand when their product aligns with my personal style and page. I have been able to do this for a number of clients as I am passionate about creating content, have a sharp attention to detail and throughly enjoy working on new projects. 


Current Following: >63k

Expected Reach/Insight per month: >45,000 reach per month
Expected Following per month: >4,500 new followers
Expected outcome for a sponsored post:

>15k impressions

>300-400 actions


>1.6k - 2k likes

Snapchat/ Instagram story:

Can be offered as a stand alone promotion OR in addition to Instagram posting. I have found it is an effective way to promote products & interact with followers through video.

Good examples: unboxing haul, try on haul, video explanation, demo, takeovers etc.

Snapchat views per snap:  >1.2k

Instagram Story insights: >1.5k views >40 actions

Please note: Not all brands align with my social media channels. I am authentic with my advertisements and therefore choose to be selective on the brands I work with as I value my clients and audience.

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me for my rates and availability.


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