if life is a book..

those who don’t travel only read one page

Travelling has been such a HUGE part of my existence since day one. If you think I’m exaggerating just ask my mum. The first major overseas trip (that I can remember) was travelling around Europe at the age of 5-6 with my parents and two younger sisters. And it definitely didn’t stop there… After relocating to Australia from the UK we felt distanced from our relatives and began our family vacations, doing at least one big overseas trip a year. I have always appreciated how blessed I was growing up with frequent international travel as I know not a lot of others were able to do the same. It definitely ignited the spark inside me that now only lights up when it is fuelled by traveling. 

Being asked the age old question growing up there were many times we were asked what we wanted to do when we finished school… I never really knew what I wanted to do and so whenever I was asked that question I would say “A job that allows me to travel”. I was often faced with the question of what I wanted to do after my trips, but that wasn’t ever something that crossed my mind because as long as I had another trip planned I knew I was on the right path.

So far Ive explored most of: Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, parts of; Canada,  America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan and many more. And am constantly booking and researching new places to explore. 

My creative expressiveness includes writing, photography and videography, which is how I plan on bringing you guys along with me. I feel that I am able to share an insight with the world every time I post, but more importantly am able to entertain and document my explorations through my social media platform. 

What you should expect to see from this space? Travel vlogs, instagram photos, blog posts, reviews, stories, tips and much more!

Bali Trip 2016